Music Publishing

Artists looking for a dynamic and amiable publisher that respects and supports them in their development as well as with the promotion and

management of their repertoire, are welcome!

Our priority is to promote our artists at a national and international level and to ensure that they receive a fair compensation.

Original Music

A team of composers is available to create musical works for all your audiovisual projects (films, television, advertising) whatever the genre and style.

Music research

Our research department , which is made up of passionate music professionals, is happy to find the most suitable works to your project. Knowledge of our composers and catalogs as well as our understanding of your needs will save you valuable time.

Administrative rights management

We offer to take over the management of rights for artists and publishers. Whether for the societies for copyrights (deposits of works, statements of uses, claims), negotiations with users, licensing issues, we put our organization at your service.


An authorization must be made before each use of a musical work. This authorization is formalized through the issuance of a license that outlines the terms and conditions negotiated according to your needs.

For questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at 514-842 8661 or