Our mission

To support and develop the careers of our artists while enforcing their rights, both moral and financial, in all transparency.

Our story

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Christopher J. Reed (1951-2012)

Born in London, our founder Christopher J. Reed, creates Intermède Music in 1973. Being very passionate about music, he wanted to find a solution to the lack of organization in the field of music publishing in Canada, and also help composers to be recognized and have their works respected on a national and international level.

In 1984 he launched his own production music library, which is now distributed worldwide.

Founding member of the ADISQ and the PMPA (APEM), on the Board of Directors of SOCAN and SODRAC for many years, Christopher always worked to support the development of Canadian composers.

His work and commitment has been recognized by his peers in 2012 with the creation of the Christopher J. Reed award. This annual award recognizes a person’s commitment in the music publishing community, and who has shown a great respect for creators and for copyright, and whose contribution throughout the year and recognition of the music publishing profession is exceptional.

Our key figures

  • Over 40 years of business, commitment and passion for music in Canada and worldwide
  • Over 90 Canadian composers and over 4,000 works produced
  • More than 220 000 works represented
  • More than 48 000 collaborations in movies, commercials and television series