Portrait of Valerie Delaney, Composer

Valerie Delaney, composer, learned music at a very young age. Self-taught artist, she started off by reproducing piano music she heard on television or in the movies.

As a teenager, she followed a full classical training on the piano and later completes her schooling with a bachelor’s degree in electro-acoustic composition as well as a diploma in sound design.

Therefore, in her compositions the piano is present but you will often find the harp and electronic instruments as well.

Being on demand in international projects, her dream that her music would be used in a film production is well within her reach.

Her talent has already been recognized worldwide. Her work has won several awards including:

  • The ” Coup de cœur parmi les coups de cœur ” during the Desjardins Cultural Grand Prize in Lanaudière in September 2014,
  • 3rd prize of the Franco-Italian Luigi Russolo competition with “The Glass City” in 2010,
  • The 5th Prize at Jeu De Temps / Times Play 2010 from the Canadian Electro-acoustic Community (CEC) with “The Glass City”,
  • Second place at the international competition Musica Nova 2007 in Prague,
  • A special prize in the “composition by a young composer” with her piece “Different Shades of Blue” in 2007.

To date, Valerie Delaney has written more than 80 works including several production music albums for Intermède Music. You can find them on our IntermedeOne platform.

Website : http://www.valeriedelaney.com/

Photo credit : Charles Pelletier

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