Portrait of Maxime Daviron, composer

Music has a prominent place in Maxime Daviron’s life. It is essential to him, both as a listener and as a composer.

Maxime Daviron has had, since childhood, an almost “spiritual” relationship with music. From the age of 7 to 11, he learned to play the piano and xylophone at the Périgueux Conservatory of Music in France. In parallel, he self-taught himself to play the drums, guitar and various percussions. He has also played at an amateur level in several bands as a drummer.

Since 2009, music has taken a big place in his daily life, as much as his other passion, photography. Maxime regularly composes music with keyboard, guitars and a MIDI sequencer. His musical influences are quite varied. He enjoys metal, progressive, electronic music but also rock, blues and classical music.

In 2016, he composed his first album with a modern and minimalist style for Intermède Music, Silent Motion.

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