Jean-François Picher, composer

At the age of 17, Jean-François gets his start as manager and guitarist for the 9-piece band Carpe Diem, learning to perform on stage around the Québec city region with the Pinchaud family and other local musicians. In 1996, the band becomes a trio of two guitars and a violin and takes on a 2 year tour of coffee houses and Boites à Chansons around the province. After this positive experience Jean-François starts his solo career as a song writer and producer.

Jean-François then moves to Drummondville in 2000 to study arranging, sound design, mixing and sound reinforcement. He will then go into a new phase of his musical career. He will participate producing, arranging and performing on records of many styles.

A new chapter begins with the discovery and learning of instruments such as the Ukulele, Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, Resonator guitar, Keyboards, Synths and more. He goes on to work with singers on stage and in the studio as a session musician. 

After two bike accidents in 2013, Jean-François is confronted with chronic back pain and opts for a career in composition and arranging. With a solid background, he is ready for this challenge.

Photo : Jean-François Picher

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